Thursday, May 04, 2006

Graduation Party Gifts

It's still a way of, but before you know it the commencement ceremony will begin. And like every proud parent you will throw your teenager an incredible graduation party, from which they will leaver around 10 to go party with their friends. But here's a unique way to celebrate your teen's graduation anyway. Celebrate the class of 2006 with these cute buttons to give your party guests.

Cute Ladybug Kids T'Shirt

Just in time for Mother's Day 3: Fathers, pay attention!

Hello Fathers, is your toddler Mother's Day-ready? Will they melt Mom's heart? You realize that this is your responsibility right? Well get your little ones Mom-proof for May 14th with this adorable ladybug t-shirt. Mom won't be able to resist them ... or you.

Cute Ladybug Kids T'Shirt

Just in time for Mother's Day 2: Flowers

Say it with flowers! Does your mom love to garden? Has she got green fingers? Then this black shirt with cute flowers is a perfect present this Mother's Day.
Flower Garden Mother's Day

Just in time for Mother's Day 1

Just in time for Mother's Day: Stuntmom! For every mother who is a supermom by day, does her own stunts and is exhausted by night. Unique gift for trendy, urban mother to show her she is the best mom in the world.

Stuntmom Supermom Mother's Day T-shirt